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Y’all Know Who ✶ Twista

Twista Kamikaze
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Letra da Música

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Wassup my niggas
U know what im talkin bout
We about to flip the fuck out
And ball the fuck out
All these bitches Its Our turn
from all of yall from the right to the left
we just came to see you party and enjoy yourself
for all of yall from the right to the left we just came to
see you party and enjoy yourself
Cause its cool when you cause a cozy condition
on what we be sippin then what we create cause thats how we
missing so what[?] gotta handle my functions slowing conjunctions with the
b-tox[?] it be funkin[?] get it popin off[?] u can peat[?] from my actions I get it crackin Im spendin
Benjamins u spending Jacksons can get a [?] when I spit it
theysay twista what u on boy u gone my caddy[?] flip two
tones[?] im attacking verses flow evil packin
hearses and snatching purses while yo rap is worthless I
blow up cause my stomach to empty motherfucker dont pip
me[?]cause ima get like baby in the burgandy Bently and
boutta blow up[?]

…To Be continued

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Ah se não fosse só coisas do meu imaginar Esperando o nascer do sol Admirar …

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