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Hatshepsut ✶ Rapsody

Rapsody Eve
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You telling me this (you telling me this)
You telling me that (you telling me that)
I promise once you been with me baby you’ll never go back (never go back)
Queens’ll always have your back (always)
I’m thinking Roberta Flack (yeah)
First time I ever saw your face I fell in love just like that (I fell in love)
I know your burden gets bad, you take and carry my bags
We cry together, hold you down the days you broken and sad
And I’ma always keep it real, no I don’t care if you mad (I don’t care)
I’m here to make you better, I’m just like Coretta in fact
See only Kings would understand just how that metaphor match (you dig)
Latifah still a queen, I’m just tryna follow her path (you dig)
A long walk to freedom, Winnie fought through all of the wrath
I got a number if you want it, I got all of the math
All my hoodlums, I think all of us are good ones, Saint Claire
I see the God in you, even if we different than Claire
(Even if we different though)
I know we all different when we paired (yeah)
Been through a lot, we got a lot still to repair
(We workin’ on it)
Did it all with love, God, and Jesus (amen)
World in his palms, Akeem still needed Lisa (he needed her)
I hope he treats her better than Tommy Boy treated Keisha (for sure)
You gotta love your queen ‘cause God knows that you need her, it’s real (it’s real)
Even living single we connected by the tribe
Was raised by a queen, know how to be one
And love one and raise a king
When he’s older I’ll describe how to love ‘em
Queens come in all shapes and colors
Though we sit on thrones we don’t look down on each other
I learned how to rule from my mother and my aunties
Got the blood of the Asante
I could be Cleo or Ghandi to protect mine
It’s peace of mind, word to Jersey
I’m a giant, a queen’s pride stronger than all the lions
Connected by alliance, sisterhood
The day you try to test me, look homie I wish you would
Open doors for the ladies as a queen like I should
That’s why I’m Queen Latifah in every village, in every hood
And I’m good, and every city worldwide
And why I been reigning for the last twenty five
So all hail the queens and the next ones to arrive
Came out of Jersey with naughty dudes and hella drive
Just another day above ground working my thighs, we runnin’ it
‘Member the days me and ‘Pac, we had some fun with this
When I would bust you dead in your eye, that’s called humblin’
Been holding the torch, I don’t fumble it
I’m a child of God versus son of men, tellin’ ‘em
It’s a clear shot to the top and I ain’t talking guns and gin
Just so all the queens know that every single one of them
Has a throne, spot, crown that I been proud to rock
All my blood royal and that’s word to Lancelot
From the soil to the sun, you stunned, it ain’t no shock
Another black reign, came to water, nourish the crop
That’s why we flourish on top
Just call us queens (call us queens)
Yeah, yeah, ha

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