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Nowhere Fast ✶ EarthGang

earthgang rags
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[Hook: Childish Major] Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus] Hey, ain’t this a damn shame?
I look down and see my phone ring, it’s my pops and I ain’t even tryna answer
“What’s up my, son? I ain’t even wanted that much
But how you doing, oh, tell how you been holding up
Fragile contents rolling, how life been handling ya?”
Bands stand, agile movements increase your stamina
I crack a smile just to stay inside parameters
Shit, I hope he picking up the luck inside my inflections
Cause lately life done got my spirit on a bench press
A ten strip a strength test, a journey to within quest
I’m pretty guarded on the particles I ingest
Keep the heartless and charlatans out from where I get dressed
But still I keep it all together like corn tortillas or Ving Rhames leathers
From big ass galaxies to Terrio sweaters
All a bit too familiar with stormy weathers so gon’ and direct us

[Hook: Childish Major] Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast

[Verse 2: DocturDot] I been in the trenches
Bottom dollar tryna turn that bitch Olympic gymnasts
When you on the come up ain’t no coming to your senses
Young and struggling, ruthless and relentless
I been this for more than a minute
Unfortunately, really I’m more nigga than citizen
Love hoes with cake, she give a fork when you stick it in
Can’t fade, raw diggity in my city, it’s sickening on the literal sense
Killed the mood real quick
See, my life’s in plenty deaths so I always feel protected
No weapon formed to project will perform like you expect it
Cut off all my local hoes, I’m tryna get God pregnant
Cause all dogs go to Heaven
Pussy niggas get rejected over this way
The ghost of Rick James on mixtapes by the lame a mile away
We ain’t cut from the same Kinte
Making arangements that pay for when my kid’s kids lay
Grass hoppers and senseis gather round for the big bang

[Hook: Childish Major] Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast

[Outro: DC Young Fly] Aye man look I gotta make a quick stop right quick ‘fore I go to Campbellton man you know what I’m saying
You know what I’m saying, my partner sell dogs
Y’all nigga need a dog?
We got some pits, he got a pit, he got a, he got a, a, a blue nose
What he got? I think it’s a tweety bird mixed with a motherfuckin’ uh German Shepherd
I gotta see what this look like
Let’s do it
He got the bite of a German Shepherd but the head of a tweety bird
Got to see him
Ah, let’s ride
Ugh, and we ridin’ down…
Aye finna go to Campbellton on these niggas
Yo, yo, y’all niggas don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that

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