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Brothers ✶ ASAP Twelvyy

ASAP Twelvyy 12
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Letra da Música

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[Verse 1: A$AP Twelvyy] Drop tears for my nigga Steve
Why my nigga had to leave?
All I do is grieve now
Man, I really wanna leave now
Fuck hitting C-Town
Tell them bitches, I’ll hit ‘em on the rebound
Man, I’m working on me now
Full of pain, full of strain
Man, I can’t even sleep
Man, I can’t even eat
Man, a nigga feel weak
Feel the pain in my feet
Feel the pain for the months and some weeks
You can see it in my eyes
Right now, man a nigga wanna cry
Man, I really miss my brother
Real shit, man all we got each other man
All we got is us, A$AP, in A$AP we trust nigga
Man them guns go bust
If I ever hear one of you niggas start to fuss
Man, I ride on the bus, man
Hop on the train, man
Hop on the plane for my niggas

[Hook: Smooky Margielaa] Brothers, brother
Brothers, you’re my brother
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my bro

[Bridge: A$AP Twelvyy] I ain’t got Steve
Matter fact, I feel like I ain’t got me
But I do got Addie…

[Outro: Smooky Margielaa & A$AP Rocky] Brothers, brother
Twelvyy, Illy, Addie
Brothers, you’re my brother
Nasty, Fergie
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my brother, brother
You’re my bro

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