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Dolla Dolla Bill ✶ 213

213 - The Hard Way
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Dolla doll
[Verse 1] The love of money is the root of all ills
Chromed out 24 inch wheels
Will he break a bitch, he damn sure will
How do you think he made his first mill
If you’re all about your cash, lets go
Game recognize game, we all know
Some niggas in the game too bold
Dumb niggas play the game too slow
The love of money is the start of all pain
Some niggas get caught up in the game
Dolla bill, keep it simple and plain
Keep cheddar in your pocket mane

[Hook] They call it dolla, they call it dolla dolla bill
Dolla dolla bill, they call it dolla dolla bill

[Verse 2] The love of money have you laying on your back
Knees hurt ‘cuz you’re looking for some crack
Don’t know where your baby momma at
Dolla bills send her straight to the track
If she all about her cash, she’ll go
Game recognize game, she know
Some women, the streets get cold
A scared women ain’t gon’ make no dough
The love of money will have you laying in the grave
Rich niggas got some funny ass ways
I can give it to you niggas, straight no chase
Could’ve been a doctor, couldn’t wait for the pay

[Bridge] If they ask you why I did it
I did it for the dolla bill, yes I did
If they ask you why I did it
I did it for the dolla [4x] [Hook] [Outro] Did it all, the love
Did it all, the dolla dolla [4x] Trying to get that paper, everything gon’ be alright
Pull off them capers, fucking up my whole life
Got me a girlfriend, But the bitch wouldn’t act right
Got rid of my girlfriend, party party all night [4x] Dolla dolla bill, they call him dolla

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